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The information found here is a duplication of the information contained within a potential member packet. The information has been reformatted to ease online viewing.

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What is ACHIA? Outlines what the Health Insurance Plan of Alaska is and when it was founded.
Do I Qualify? Outlines how to determine if you qualify to become a member of the ACHIA.
Summary of Coverage Outlines the benefits offered by each of the three plans offered by the ACHIA.
Premiums Outlines how much the coverage costs.
How do I apply? Outlines the steps to take to apply for coverage with the ACHIA.

All of the information is available to download and/or print. Simply click on the desired title below to go to download and/or print the information.

Application - Includes Eligibility Requirement, Plan Description, Summary of Coverage, Application, Bank Withdrawal Authorization Form, Premium Rates, Application Checklist, Appeals and Grievance Procedure and Privacy Notice.

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